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Weather Stripping Replacement

The weather stripping that lines the bottom of your garage door (where the door meets the pavement) is an often overlooked, but important, part of your garage door.  It helps to keep mother nature out and helps you reduce your monthly utility expense.

In the wintertime, it’s common for weather stripping to become torn or damaged.  Precipitation on the ground, whether rain or snow, can freeze when the temperatures drop.  This can cause the weather stripping to become frozen and stuck to the ground.  When the garage door opens, the weather stripping can tear.

While this doesn’t cause the door to become inoperable, it does lead to higher utility bills when you have an attached garage.  The cold air can get into the garage more easily, which can cause additional problems if you have stuff in your garage that shouldn’t be exposed to the extreme cold.

We replace weather stripping on any size and style of garage door.  Give us a call for a quote and to set a repair appointment today!

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