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Garage Door Track Replacement

The metal tracks that guide the garage door into its open and closed position are an important part of any functioning overhead door system.  These tracks are designed to house the rollers, which help support the weight of each garage door panel and give them a safe and secure path to roll along when the door is opened and closed.  Since these metal tracks are made of thin, pliable metal that can easily be bent or otherwise damaged, it is fairly common that the garage door tracks can cause problems when damage has occurred.

Replacing the track on your garage door system can be a tedious process.  A complete re-install of a new track requires you to completely detach one side of the door, while still securing it enough to prevent damage to the track, rollers and hinges on the other side of the door.  Depending on the door, it may be beneficial to take the door off altogether, install and align the new track, and then reinstall the door.

Installing a new track for a garage door can be a fairly involved process, so we recommend hiring a trained professional to handle this type of garage door repair.  A professional will know what to do to ensure that the track is installed and aligned properly and likely, will be able to do so much more quickly.

When to Replace a Garage Door Track

Since garage door tracks are made of metal, they can become damaged by rust.  While newer garage door tracks are often galvanized to help protect against rust and corrosion, they can still be vulnerable to corrosion over time as friction and chemicals, such as road salts, slowly wear them down over time.  Rusted tracks are less effective, because the rollers will not run as smoothly along them.  On top of that, rust tends to weaken metals and causes them to become more brittle.  Prolonged use of a garage door along a rusted track becomes more dangerous with every cycle.  If if a horizontal track were to split or break while the door was up, it could cause the door to fall onto parked vehicles or worse.  If there is rust present on your garage door track, it’s a good idea to get it replaced before it creates more damage.

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