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Top 5 Garage Door Safety Tips

Top Five Garage Door Safety Tips

Garages are an integral part of many homes. They provide storage, space for projects, and room for play, but if misused, garage doors can be incredibly dangerous. It’s important to know how to use your garage door properly to avoid disasters. Here are the top five things everyone should know about garage door safety. A couple of the items on this list may seem obvious, but when it comes to safety, it’s always a good idea to be as knowledgeable as possible.

It’s a door, not a toy.

Allowing children to play with the garage door or garage door opener can cause serious injury, or even death. Children should never be allowed to play under the garage door, and all remote controls and wall controls should be kept out of reach of children at all times. Though it may be fun for children to push buttons, garage door buttons are off-limits.

Know how to operate the emergency release.

Your garage door owner’s manual has information on how to use the door’s emergency release feature–the red and white cord on your garage door opener with a red handle. This feature is required by law and can mean the difference between saving and losing a life. Be prepared and consult your manual.

Do not leave the door partially open.

It may be nice to get a bit of a breeze when you’re working in the garage, but when you leave your door partially open, it could move downward upon activation. If anything, or anyone, is in the way, it could be easily crushed. The breeze isn’t worth the risk.

When operating the door, always keep it in sight.

We’ve all got busy schedules, and it’s easy to simply push the garage door button and go. To avoid serious injuries and damages to your garage door and/or operating system, always keep the door in view until you see it fully open, or fully close. When closing the door, look for obstructions like animals, people, or toys. Keep in mind, even if the coast is clear when you initially close the door, a child or small dog could enter or leave your garage on a moment’s notice.

Visually inspect your garage door and operating system regularly.

Because of the complexity and high tension of the parts, you should never attempt to do any garage door repairs on your own. However, looking for signs of wear on your springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys can help avoid disasters. If you notice any problems, or if there’s been any sort of damage to the garage door, have a trained service technician inspect the door and operating system. As always, leave all maintenance and repairs to the technicians. Most importantly, when operating or maintaining a garage door–use common sense. The garage door is probably the biggest piece of machinery in your home. Please, always use care and caution.

Tip: Annual maintenance is recommended to keep your garage door functioning safely.